tiffany gomez:


Tiffany is the Creative Director + Founder of Gomez Design Studio, a small start-up company that began with the vision of building functional works of art made entirely from salvaged and recycled materials. Having realized early
on in her education as a designer just how much waste the industry produced, Tiffany decided to take a more sustainable approach to her work, using only what she finds as the foundation for what is created. The materials are allowed to speak through her work in hopes of transforming the perception of what is considered waste. A question she often asks is whether we can quite literally rebuild our environment with what we already have? She believes everything we need or want already exists somewhere, we simply have to change how we are looking at the objects around us.
Over the last year, Tiffany has been developing various collections and objects that challenge societal norms outside of the current re-use trend. Her approach has become more human-forward and tactile, allowing the customer to be closer to her process. A growing materials library will soon make its way into her collections, showcasing the usability of everyday found items many of us disregard and deem as trash.


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